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17% of Anything Is Too Much

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i hate to admit it. sigh. i was almost, well i guess i am now. i’m a statistic. i was almost on muary. ok, well not really. but i did have a maury episode.

i don’t know if anyone reading this (all 3 of you) remember a young lady i referred to as AD (auto-dub). i’ll give you the short version so i can get to what i want to talk about. met when i was i young. she was too young for me. social networks came about. exchanged numbers about 3 years back. fast forward.

so we had been kicking it in ’09. nothing really happening. so eventually we slept together. it was fun to say the least. but i knew she was trouble. let me get this out the way. ain’t nothing in life free. ain’t nothing scarier in life than free pussy. don’t believe, ask around. knowing this i accepted this “free pussy”. i told her i wasn’t looking for anything. however, i knew she was doing her thing and told her that i wouldn’t sleep with her until she got rid of the people just hanging around her. those people were people she may have been sleeping with.

so we do the do. she tells me, moments after that she had slept with someone else the week before. to me that ain’t nothing. you’re not my girl. but in my mind i’m like wow. she told me she didn’t think it was fair to NOT tell me. i thought it was a bit wierd to be told something like that after sex, but aye who am i to judge.

fast forward: 3 weeks later short tells me she might be PREGGO. i’m like what. you serious? she of course is indeed PREGGO. at this moment my mind is spinning. i’m thinking how (no i didn’t use a condom, i know, bad mark). still my logic tells 3 weeks is awfully quick to be telling me you might be having my child. so time goes on. and i’m chilling. i’m not really concerned.

fast forward: child is born (july, told me she PREGGO november prior). it’s a little girl. a few months go by and i hear nothing. i, yes I call her out the blue just to see how she is doing. i’m felling guilty. she says, i didn’t expect you to call. blah blah. she then tells me her cousins (skank & co.) told her that the baby favors me! i’m like whaaaaaat? i’m going to be frank. babies look like who ever is holding them. true story. so i quickly dismiss it in my mind.

fast forward: i get served. her and her cousins come by the house and serve me papers. for what? child support. FUCKING CHILD SUPPORT. i’m like, the fuck? while she was PREGGO i told AD what to do. the other dude who she thinks might be the father have him tested. if he wasn’t the father then i would get tested. she do that? nope, she listened to her cousins who probably said go after the stable dude with the stable job, car and apartment. not the drug dealer she was sleeping with. or the sugar-daddy she would go see in BK.

sidebar: what really pissed me off about this entire situation was she went and spoke to her grandmother who knows my dad and TOLD my father. i know what she, they were thinking/ my dad is a stand up dude and he would get me to do what i needed for this child that she claimed was mine.

so here i am served with papers telling me i’m the father and that money would come out of my check….EVERY SINGLE WEEK. NOT GOOD. i went to court the day assigned to me. we get before the judge. we swear in. and the first thing out of her mouth is a lie. when asked if she had slept with anyone else during the time child could have been concieved she calmly said, “no”. no? NO!? SHE SAID NO. in my mind i prayed the judge didn’t ask me say anything. she didn’t. all that was said to me was. ” you are here because she says you are the father, would you like a paternity test?” i say yes ma’am…

Self First

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So I tried the other blog site. And I’m back here… Now that’s out the way.

I’ve always said to myself that knowing when to get out is a sign of wisdom. Some people just have the knack. The savvy business owner. The guy that breaks up with a girl before she goes crazy.

You can argue luck. But luck isn’t lucky. Luck is when chances are created and the outcome is favorable to the person who created the chance. Just think about all the time you were lucky. You weren’t holding your underwear up with your hands. You went out and made something happen.

Where am I going with this?

In general no where. I’m just saying go out and do something for yourself. You don’t need a crew or an entourage to get anything accomplished. That’s where I am now. I feel the need to move forward, fast. That’s what I intend on doing. I refuse to coddle or hold any adults hands.